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Gone For the Summer? Turn Off your Water… Inside your house!

Many of our clients in the Coachella Valley leave the desert for extended periods of time during the hottest summer months. Our desert heat in July and August can be brutal and a 6-8 week getaway to a cooler climate is delightful.

We have all heard horror stories about people forgetting to turn off the water to their homes and returning to a soggy carpet, ruined wood floors and soaking wet furniture. In some cases people remember to turn off kitchen and bathroom faucets, toilets etc but forget to turn off the water source to their icemaker! Surprising how a tiny, constant drip of water can do tremendous damage over a weeks time, let alone a month or two.

The easiest way to be “water safe” inside your home is to TURN IT OFF at the source….. BUT wait! what about your landscaping?  Hutcheson’s Sprinkler Repairs has the solution: Protect the inside of your home and nurture your landscaping too! With a simple SHUT OFF value, the water in your home is COMPLETELY TURNED OFF and your outside watering schedule remains in tact.

Before you leave your home for that cooler climate, contact us. Hutcheson Sprinkler Repair offers seasonal, monthly and bi-monthly service programs which include checking your entire system station by station, adjusting heads, programming your timer for proper watering and… checking for leaks . For more information and to schedule an appointment CALL US 760 345-5018 

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