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Give Your Property the Treatment It Deserves

DESERT SPRINKLERS is a locally owned landscaping irrigation  company that will make sure your yard gets the treatment it deserves. Our reputation for providing top quality work at competitive prices makes us the right choice for our local clients. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection.

Irrigation systems are essential for the health of landscape plants in the Coachella Valley. When properly installed and programmed, an irrigation system keeps your lawn, trees, shrubs and succulents healthy throughout the whole year. Your irrigation system should be designed, installed and programmed to provide the correct amount of water, where it’s needed the most. Leaks, broken, missing sprinkler heads, clogged drip emitters, faulty programming can result in wasted water, plant disease and waste of money.

Examples of System Damage and Problems

Leaking valves or pipes
Leaks can occur as a result of damage, from shovels and other sharp tools, vandalism, tree roots, and normal aging of the system. Leaks from valves and pipes may be large and very obvious. Smaller leaks may not show up immediately and will require some detective work followed by replacement  or repair of damaged valves and pipes.

Broken or missing heads
Damage can occur to sprinkler heads from lawn mowers, vandalism, improperly installed heads, and normal wear and tear. Replacing damaged or missing heads immediately will save water and dollars.

Clogged nozzles
Clogged nozzles occur as a result of debris entering the irrigation system, a dirty water source, and normal wear and tear.
Our services include flushing the system at the beginning of the irrigation system, installing screens on sprinkler heads, replacing clogged nozzles  improving system filtration.

Sunken heads
It is not uncommon for sprinkler heads to settle over time. Even when the soil is packed around them during installation, the weight of lawn mowers and other heavy equipment on wet turf can cause the heads to settle. Grass clipping, soil, and other debris can build up around heads resulting in a head that doesn’t clear the grass adequately and disrupts the spray pattern. Current best management practices call for higher mowing heights. Older systems may have been designed for shorter turf.  Heads can be raised by using taller sprinkler bodies, or installing risers.

Tilted heads
Lawn mowers and wet soil can cause newly installed sprinkler heads to tilt resulting in uneven coverage.

Drip Irrigation System
One of the great advantages of drip irrigation is that the water is carefully focused at the base of each plant. This significantly diminishes the weed problems that spray irrigation can promote. Root intrusion into the drip lines and internal clogging from the buildup of sediment, suspended solids, algae and bacterial slime have been diminished greatly by better pretreatment, filtration disinfection, and new tubing and emitter designs.

Most systems allow for flushing at scouring velocity to remove slime and sediment buildup.
When emitters clog it affects the pressure inside the drip lines and waste water distribution in the field. It is very difficult to identify and service buried emitters that clog.
Saturation of the soil around emitters can eventually lead to the formation of a biological clogging mat, which can cause system failure. Filters on drip systems need to be checked and periodically back flushed or cleaned.

Problems affecting the efficiency of the system

Misaligned heads
Misaligned heads result in overwatering parts of the landscape and brown spots in other areas of the landscape

Overspray (runoff)
Overspray can result in poor distribution uniformity, over watering, runoff on hardscapes, calcium deposits and deterioration of stucco and walls.

Pressure Problems
High pressure causes problems such as misting from spray heads and rapid rotation of impact rotors resulting in poor coverage and potential damage to the irrigation system.

Failure of heads to pop-up or rotate is often a symptom of low water pressure. Low pressure can also result in poor coverage and dry spots in the landscape.

Irrigation maintenance is one of the most important factors in reducing water waste in the landscape. In addition, a well-maintained and properly adjusted system is essential for a healthy, beautiful, landscape.

If all this puts you into TILT and landscape overwhelm… HUTCHESON SPRINKLER REPAIRS- Desert Sprinklers.com is here to help. Our service team is trained and experienced in quickly evaluating your yard irrigation and detecting potential problems.   Leave the heavy lifting to us… we will handle diagnosis, repairs and regular maintenance so YOU can enjoy a beautfiul, care-free yard !

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