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Gone For the Summer? Turn Off your Water… Inside your house!

Many of our clients in the Coachella Valley leave the desert for extended periods of time during the hottest summer months. Our desert heat in July and August can be brutal and a 6-8 week getaway to a cooler climate is delightful. We have all heard horror stories about people forgetting to turn off the water Read More

Scheduled Maintenance – Saves big Dollars?

System Maintenance Maintaining efficient irrigation systems is one of most effective ways to reduce high irrigation system repair bills, wasted water, pollution from run-off and over-irrigating, and lower monthly water bills.

DRIP SYSTEM- The BEST for Water Conservation

DRIP SYSTEM- THE BEST FOR WATER CONSERVATION A drip system is the most efficient way to water your desert landscape, including drought resistant plants. Emitters are installed at the base of each plant for precise watering. Drip lines can also be installed to pots, hanging baskets and hard to reach planter areas.
 Studies show that Read More

Give Your Property the Treatment It Deserves

DESERT SPRINKLERS is a locally owned landscaping irrigation  company that will make sure your yard gets the treatment it deserves. Our reputation for providing top quality work at competitive prices makes us the right choice for our local clients. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection. Irrigation systems are essential for the health Read More

Making your lawn and landscaping as beautiful as possible

Your sprinkler system is responsible for making your lawn green and healthy. Without it, your lawn might begin to look dull and your problems could begin to compound over time. If you see a change in your landscaping the very first thing to check is your timer.  We assume the timer is working perfectly until Read More

Sprinkler system leaks can be costly problems

Sprinkler system leaks can be costly problems. Sometimes the sky rocketing water bill is the first indication that there is a problem. However, observant homeowners can spot some simple signs that their sprinkler system might be leaking before that costly water bill arrives. Walking your yard regularly is the best way to spot potential problems. Be Read More

Beautiful landscaping needs consistent care

Beautiful, healthy landscaping needs consistent care in order to thrive. This is especially true in the desert areas of Southern California where the average annual rainfall is under 5 inches. This means even the most desert friendly landscaping depends upon a good irrigation system to thrive. If your sprinkler system isn‘t working at it‘s best, Read More